Small Business

Here at mobile tech orlando, we are your custom tech department. We have custom plans to meet your daily, and monthly technology needs. We have both one-time installation and software setups, or we have monthly managed solutions which save you time, and money. From custom networks, with Guest Wifi, to a brand new Shiney Point of Sales system, to new and innovative ways to entertain guests, or even state of the art security systems, we have you covered. We also over monthly packages for current and next day tech support; We will send technicians on-site to fix emergency needs ASAP, to make sure your business stays open in the most critical of times. Our managed support not only fixes those pesky glitches that happen from time to time, we offer brand awareness through social media. Managed hosting and website creation, and are constantly trying to find ways to make your current technology cheaper. While doing all this, Managed support can guide you on fixing small failing parts before they become expneisve unforeseen repairs! Call us today for a custom quote!. 

One time installation

We offer a wide variety of one-time installations where you pay for owned equipment that just works when you need it to. 

Managed Solutions

No upfront payments on equipment and dedicated technical support staff to come on-site if and when your system fails. 


Did you know you could be paying more for less? managed IT support can save you on technology failures, make you aware of upgrades before they become costly, and make suggestions on brand growth through social media and other outlets.